2019 May

Bad news from Choibalsan

This afternoon, around 12 o’clock local time Anna Home is burned down! The children are safe, nobody got hurt. They have a temporary place to sleep in the city, but they don’t have anything anymore. No clothes, no school stuff, no photo’s, nothing. We do have two gers, one meant for older girls and one meant for older boys. We are going to use them.

The cause of the fire is not (yet) clear. We have an insurance and we need to find out what they will do. Boldsaikhan, who has his birthday today, is in China, but will get back as soon as possible. In the mean time we are in contact with others in Choibalsan and they promised to look what they can do to help.

We thought it would be better to send this letter to you today. In some time, when we will know more and when we will have made plans I will get back to you and tell you more than I can now. One thing is sure: Anna Home will come back!

This is how it looks inside: