Take action?

Individuals and organisations helped us. To give you some ideas how you might help the children in Anna Home, we show you how they did it, without being complete. We can  help you with photo’s and ideas, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

voorschotenThe catholic churches of Voorschoten conducted actions during many months, including a bicycle tour and an auction.

At the occasion of the birth of several babies the parents asked their friends a contribution for Anna Home. The announcement of one of them is on Youtube.



nynke_lavermanmeisjesgerSome well known Dutch people helped us. like the singer Nynke Laverman, and the retail shop Blokker who donated not only money but also twice 50 photobooks to give to our sponsors. Two couples wanted no presents for their wedding, but contributions for Anna Home. We were able to buy a ger for the transition home and to renovate the kitchen to better meet the Mongolians norms for hygiene.


spaarkaartcolour4kidsThe foundation Colour4Kids helped us to enlarge the house and they renovated the inside with paintings on the walls.

In a primary school the children collected photos of the children, like they were soccer players.



3 Anna’s walked 4 days and 4 cars drove to Beiijng. All were sponsored! A company did not give christmas presents to the personel, but instead donated money to buy computers and pay for the school. A famous bussinesswoman gave all the fees for her lectures, during one year, to Anna Home.