2009 December


Altankhuu is 7 years old. He has no father and his mother has no work and no home. So Althankhuu, his 4 year old brother and his mother were wandering around. He is very small, maybe due to bad food. When he came he looked sad, but that changed very quickly. In Anna Home there is enough to eat; there are many friends to play with. The first thing we are doing is trying to get him to school, in the first class, and we hope to give him a good life in the future.
His mother would like to also leave his 4 year old brother in Anna Home, but we find him too young. Maybe later. We become more and more careful in selecting children, because we find that some parents do not want to take responsibility for their children and want to leave them in Anna Home.


boys_in_trans_homeIn October the transition home started. It is there to give 18 year olds the chance to learn to take care for themselves in a proper way. They live on their own, in a ger, and receive assistance form the teachers in Anna Home, a few kilometres away. They speak for themselves:
My name is Ochbayr, I am studying at the Technical school in building class. I am 18 years old. I lived in Anna Home for more than two years. I need two more years of studying in the Technical school. I am living in the transition home for two months now with my friend Ganhuyg. We are doing all things ourselves. Before, when we lived in Anna Home, we did not do many things. Now we have a lot of work at home. Every week the teachers from Anna Home come to help us and teach us how to take care of ourselves. They also help us in our relationship with the teachers in school. I made many new friends in the Technical school.
In the next summer we want to plant seeds in our hashaa and maybe find a deep well. When we have free time we go to Anna home for computer training and for carpentry classes, which we find very interesting.
My name is Ganhuyg I am studying at the Technical school in car mechanics. I lived in Anna Home for more then two years. Now I am living in the transition home. It is nice for me because I learn to take care of myself. We make fire in the stove, bring water home from the well, we cook, we wash clothes, etc. Life is very different from that in Anna Home. We now do everything ourselves and we learn to be responsible.
Sometimes we go to Anna Home to play with the children. Next year two other friends, Olziijargal and Uurstaikh, will come to live here.
I am thankful for the people who are helping us to live in the transition home.


computertekeningIn Anna home the training centre has started to work. All children are studying computer, carpentry and sawing. For most of them it is all very new, but we hope they will learn very well. Some of our children learn fast some take a little longer but it is very useful for the children. We made a contract with teachers for one year.
The photo’s show the success.



computerlokaalcomputerlokaal_3 computerlokaal_1naaienhoutbewerken houtbewerken_1


gansuhI am fourteen years old. I have been living in Anna Home for more than two years. Before that time I went to the black market every day to find some vegetables that I could sell to make some money. Together with some friends we stole from people.
I lived with my mother everywhere because we had no home, sometimes we slept in a manhole, underground. It was hard. I wanted to have a nice house then, like other children and go to school and have nice clothes and a good life. Now my mother is in Ulaanbaatar, cleaning doors of apartments, but she has no home. My mother told me that my father left when I was a very small child.
Since I live in Anna Home many things have changed. I stopped saying bad words and stealing things and I stopped hating others. Now I have a school and good friends and I wash my clothes myself. When I have free time I study computer lessons and carpentry or play with my Anna Home friends. I want to learn to write my name on the computer and in the future I want to become a carpenter.
In the summer I worked in the garden and went to summer camp. I also plaid football, because all little boys of Anna Home like that very much. I helped to build the training centre and became good friends with Hassan. I also played with Ramona and Solongo. Dutch, French and Chinese people came to Anna Home and Nynke was singing Mongolian songs for us.
doucheNow our fence looks very nice and we have two showers and two toilets. I take a shower twice a week!
Sometimes I meet some of my old street friends and they say to me let’s go do something together. Then I say no to them, walk a little with them and then I ran away from them. I think someone needs to help them.
My dream is to become a good carpenter, then I want to help many people and one day I want to see America and Holland. Sometimes I miss my mother because she has no home in UB and has a hard life. When I become a big guy I want to help my mother. I am happy to live in Anna Home, we have freedom and it is peaceful. I am grateful to the Dutch people and to our teachers. I will reach my goal and become a good man!