2020 October

Anna Home is living a peaceful life right now. All children go to school, the house is doing well, life goes on.

We would like to go there in January, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against it (“orange”), even though it is one of the most uncontaminated countries in the world. These are the data up to 2 October:

I let the images tell the story below about the garden at the new house and about the summer camp in August.


I would like to draw your attention to the board of the Dutch foundation. This week Rolf Andringa said goodbye after many years as secretary. A move and new work led him to new choices and we understand that very well. Thank you Rolf for all your help!

That means that the board consists of only three people. The articles of association state that there must be at least three, so we can continue in that respect. But we would really like to supplement it, preferably by people who are a bit younger than us. Is there anyone among the readers who would like to do this? We meet twice a year and have interim electronic contact. So it is not a heavy burden and could also be done from outside The Netherlands.

The garden

The summer camp