Transitional home

ganhuyg_2012In October of 2009 two boys left Anna Home. They were 18 years old and they wanted to continue their study at the Technical School in Choibalsan. We wanted to help them with the transition from life as a child in Anna Home to life beyond Anna Home as adults. We bought a piece of land (hashaa), where they would be able to stay for another three years. This is a form of assisted living, available for all children of Anna Home who will become 18 years old.

doorgangshuis_bewoners_2010Since the beginning several boys have lived in the transitional home. Since some time we also have a ger for girls turning 18. Since 2013 three girls live in it. The ger is situated on the hashaa of Anna Home.

After finishing the study in the technical school we help them finding a job. Boldsaikhan, the director of Anna Home, will provide the assistance together with Anna Home’s three teachers.



Children who visit the technical school receive a small allowance from the local government. Part of this they contribute for their life in the transition home, part of this they save for the future in which they will have to take care for themselves.


The budget for 2013 is as follows:

Transitional Home 2013
budget euro’s
Investments 400.000 ₮ € 222,22
Food 3.700.000 ₮ € 2.055,56
School 700.000 ₮ € 388,89
Clothing 1.600.000 ₮ € 888,89
Utilities 800.000 ₮ € 444,44
Entert + sport 250.000 ₮ € 138,89
Pocket money 364.000 ₮ € 202,22
Others 300.000 ₮ € 166,67
Total 8.114.000 ₮ € 4.507,78