2016 November

Our Students

In the last newsletter Maarten talked about “our students”. I asked them to share briefly their experiences with the study so far. Read their experiences. If you want to support the study of them, do not hesitate … let me know.

Byambadavaa:  Early 2017 graduation!

Hello everybody! I greet you all from Ulaanbaatar. I attended classes on the practice of law in the district of Bayngol for a month. There I learned a lot about the legal system and justice. I lived with Khurelbaatar. He is also studying hard. I miss Anna Home and my brothers and sisters there a lot. I thank everybody for their donations for my education.

I am trying to be a good student at my university.I am going to graduate in the beginning of next year.I wish all my friends in Holland all the best. Also the best wishes to my teachers and brothers in Anna Home.


Khurulbataar: All the time for study

I am studying very hard. For me it is the first time in Ulaanbaatar. Everything was new for me when I arrived at UB in summer, but now I am not a stranger anymore and I made many friends in my class. I share rooms with Byambadavaa. Is it nice for me to be with him and I try to be a good student. My dream is to be a good digital graphic designer and of course a good human being. I thank you for your donations so that I can study at this nice university. I wish you all the best of the world.

Have a nice New Year’s Eve and a fantastic 2017.



D.Ganzorig: Futuredreams

Four years ago I left Anna Home after having lived there for ten years.I have been living in Transition Home for four years now and I follow my second course at Dornod Technical College. I intend to graduate in January 2018. I learned to take good care of myself by living in Transition Home. I have big dreams about the future.
I want to thank Maarten and all the other people for their donations which made it possible for me to study and live in Transition Home. I wish them all the best of the world.


Inspection of the safety of the children

Some time ago some Government officials for child welfare came to Anna Home to check up on the quality of our care. They talked to our children about their lives in Anna Home. They examined our official files and papers and spoke to our teachers and they also gave us some advice. After half a day they left Anna Home. One day later the branch of the Dornod Children Center made it clear by mail that we passed the test by 88.2 %. We feel strengthened in our work by this satisfying result.


inspectie-2 inspectie-1


Lizzie Gentile: Anna Home, is where children love each other

The children of Anna Home are a unique group. They have so much heart and personality that it is impossible not to fall in love with each and every one of them. They welcomed me into their home from the first day I walked through the door two years ago and I will be forever thankful for that. They taught me what true resilience is in the face of adversity, they taught me generosity of spirit, and they taught me how to laugh at myself no matter how silly I sounded attempting to speak Mongolian. I don’t think I felt more joy in my life than when I spent time with those kids. Anyone can tell you I talk about them as if they are my own children. I’m in awe of them and was so touched by how they take care of each other. Anna Home, is where children love each other like brothers and sisters and fight with each other like brothers and sisters.

I was lucky that I was able to go on multiple trips with the children to the countryside throughout my two years, but I think my favorite memories were the ones we spent in the house. I will never forget spending endless hours coloring on the floor with the little ones, or practicing singing a variety of American pop songs with the older kids. I loved learning every Mongolian hand clapping game and getting to teach the American ones I knew. Soon, my standard greeting became enthusiastic requests to practice the games we had learned. I miss them everyday. I miss their smiles, their hugs, holding the little ones when they cry, and talking with the older ones about life and where the future will take them. A piece of my heart will always be with Anna Home.

Lizzie is 24 years old and lives in New Orleans, LA. Her job is as a Enrichment Instructor to teach kids life skills through playing, learning, and discovering.

Addition Aart Sliedrecht: Lizzie worked two years as a volunteer on behalf of the American Peace Corps in Choibalsan. She teached English in one of the high schools in Choibalsan. She came very regularly in Anna Home. (The volunteers are expected to do voluntary work in a different place in addition to their regular activities). I myself saw how she dealt with the children. It was fantastic. I’m sure she made a big impression on the children, and has made her richer. In July 2016 she went to the US.

lizzie-gentile-feb-2016-k lizzie-gentile-3-feb-2016-k lizzie-gentile-2-2016-1

The new rooms

The renovation is a fact. The children are now staying in the renovated rooms. Now fingers crossed that the new stove and new radiators handle the winter cold. It is already – 26 C in Choibalsan!

kachel-1 nieuwe-kamer-1 nieuwe-kamer-2

Countryside trips

Summer time means to go out together. It remains a wonderful experience and delivers beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas and a great 2017

trip-1 trip-2


Maarten is staying at moment in Papua New Guinea. He is there, on behalf of the VSO, medical coordinator in a small hospital in Tari at 2000 meters altitude in the interior. He hopes in May 2107 to return to the Netherlands. I was this time your reporter. I wish you Happy Holidays and a great New Year.

Aart Sliedrecht