2021 May

Two new children

The parents of Khaisantumur, 13 years old, and his sister Suwansondor, who is 5 years old, have neither a home nor a job. The children did not go to school. The boy had to participate in horse racing to earn some money. The little girl was sometimes left alone on the street. They were in so bad shape that child protection services intervened and eventually asked Anna Home to take them in. Now they are warm and safe. Now they can go to school. And now we just hope that they will find their place here.


The schools are closed all of the year 2021. That is quite something! 25 children stay at home all day and are taught remotely. Fortunately, we have good computers and an internet connection. They seem to get through well, occasionally winning prizes and diploma’s at school.

Uuriintuya, Batbayr and Munkhorgil even won a Kangaroo certificate, an international math test. See also https://artofproblemsolving.com/wiki/index.php/Mathematical_Kangaroo

Every day they do morning gymnastics under the guidance of Ganzorig, who takes Taekwondo lessons himself.

They play chess, even in an internal competition with winners. And the garden is extra well cared for.

Mongolia is doing well in fighting the pandemic. The fact that this is the least populated country in the world will certainly help with that. To date, 244 people have died from Corona. The number of infections rose this spring, but is on the way back. More than half of the population has had at least one vaccination, 1/5 is fully vaccinated.


The three boys who study at the university in Ulaanbaatar have to do all that online as well. They are now preparing for the final exams of their third year. Then they have another year to go for their bachelor’s degree and then perhaps even more time for a master’s.